Yammen Jazbeh

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Yammen Jazbeh was born and raised in Aleppo, 1990, Syria. He is a graduate of The Higher Institute of Music in Damascus. Recently relocated to Gaziantep, Turkey, he has been teaching music, the Qanun, and solfege for children and young people.

Yammen started studying music and learning playing the Qanun at the age of eight at the Arab Music Institute in Aleppo with his teacher, Bassel Mallah. Now, he is studying Maqamat and the techniques of the Qanun and the Turkish Classical Music with the Master Mohmmad Seif Addin Zein Alabdein. He is also a Soloist in numerous Syrian orchestras and musical bands: Sham Chorus, Al-Nahda Chorus, Nada Orchestra led by Hussam Aldeen Brimo, Tahleela Band for Sofi and Andalusian Recital, Oriental Music Orchestera led by Nazih Assaad, Qaseed Band led by Kamal Skeker, Nainawa Band, Arabic Music Orchestra led by Adnan Fatah-Allah, Arabic Musical Institute Alhujra Chorus led by Maestro Misak Bagbodrian and Nawa Band led by Ibrahim Muslimani, to name a few.

He recorded and composed soundtracks of multiple plays and TV shows, such as: Al-Rasool AlMajhool fi Ma’atam Angituana “The Unknown messenger in Antiguana Funeral”, Meleh Al-Hayat “The Salt of Life” with Maestro Sameer Kwefati, Bwab Alreeh “ The Wind Gates” with Taher Mamelli, Imra’a Min Ramad “ Woman of Ashes” with Firas Hazem, Bentizar Alyassameen “Waiting for the Jasmine” and Damasco with Ihab Maradneh, The musical show Sehr Alsharaq “ The Magic of the East” directed by Ali Hamdan and Music by Nazih Al-Assaad.

Moreover, Yammen contributed to Asem Makarem’s album. He also led and trained many musical bands: Rabetat Al-Abasiyeen and Tahleela Band for Sofi and Andalusian Recital, and taught Master Class for Qanun in Morocco. Moreover, he has participated in several workshops and meetings related to the cultural context. Currently, Yammen works as member of the board and a music teacher at Nefes for Arts and Culture.

Yammen participated in multiple national and international musical festivals:

  • Busra-Alsham International Festival, Syria 2001, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
  • Islamic Culture Capital Festival, Algeria 2011.
  • Andalusian and Religious Recitals Festivals, Oman, 2012.
  • Mystic and Religious Music Festival, Algeria, 2013
  • Sofi Music Festival, Pakistan, 2014.
  • The Arab Music Festival, Syria, 2014.
  • Tripoli International Festival, Lebanon 2015.
  • “Two Languages in one soul” Concert, Turkey 2017.
  • His first album “Qanun Without Limits”, 2018.
  • International Meknes Festival for Qanun, Meknes, Morocco, 2019.