Two Languages One Breath

Initiated with the efforts of the founding members of Nefes for Arts and Culture, “Two Languages–One Breath” project was the first of its kind in partnership with the Social Integration Unit and the conservatory at the University of Gaziantep.

In this project, university students, Syrians and Turks, received training in the basics of rhythm, folk singing and folk dancing to perform in the final concert. In this context, the Social Integration Unit provided material and administrative support within the framework of the grant project funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which supports the academic and social integration of Syrian students at the university of Gaziantep. The conservatory in Gaziantep supported the project through the contribution of its teachers and musicians.

It is worth mentioning that the training and performances of “Two Languages–One Breath” project has started to take place every year as a part of “The Student Festival” at the University of Gaziantep since its establishment by Nefes for Arts and Culture in 2017.