Qanun Without Limits

“Qanun Without Limits” album is a project that was implemented through the financial support of the Space of Culture Program and the organization and coordination of Nefes for Arts and Culture in the summer of 2018. This album reflects the artist’s twenty- year experience of work on Qanun and classical music.

As is evident from the title, the album challenges the traditional concept of the Qanun by showing the technical horizons of this instrument through five selected pieces from world classics as well as five pieces by the artist Yammen.

The classical pieces in this album are unique and advanced examples of classical Western, Turkish, Arabic and Azerbaijani music performed by Yammen with the highest techniques to show the unusual potential of the Qanun.

At one point, Yammen had to practice classical Turkish music to widen his musical horizons. As he was crossing the Syrian-Turkish border to unite his spiritual journey along with the physical one. This is why Yammen’s pieces reflect a mixture of pain and enthusiasm, representing his journey to Turkey in October, 2015.

All rehearsals, recording, mixing and mastering were held in Gaziantep city in cooperation with Syrian and Turkish musicians. The Qanun was accompanied by rhythm, Ney, violin, piano and vocal in the production of this album. In this sense, the album was an opportunity for Syrian, Turkish and European musicians to work together to create social ground for future musical projects.