Project: “Wasl”

Musical researcher and percussionist Ibrahim Muslimani, through the “Wasl” project, crowned years of research and documentation with the release of the long-awaited album and book “Wasl” with his band “Nawa”, which includes compositions from the rare Syrian musical heritage, some of which were verified, documented and recorded for the first time in the history of Syrian music.

With the main sponsorship and support of the Arab Fund for Culture and Arts “Afaq” and Nefes Foundation for Culture and Arts, “Nawa” puts this artistic heritage within reach of the Arab public, in a confident step to revive the spirit of Syrian heritage music with the utmost honesty possible.

The album contains a recording of a rare and diverse group that includes 48 compositions of muwashshahs, Qududs, chapters of dhikr, musical pieces, impromptu poems, and instrumental taqsim, which the Nawa band performed in musical recitals from seven different classical Maqams: Yakah, Ashaqiq, Hijaz, Hazam, Jhargah, Nahwand and Nawthar.

Wasl’s Album also included the musical notation, lyrics, and information of all documented works.

Project activities:

  • Reviewing and auditing sources and manuscripts
  • Archiving and documenting musical compositions
  • Registering documented works in their original forms
  • Album production and issuance and publication of a book
  • Holding parties to introduce the album

Project date: 2020-2021 Project duration: 18 months

Number of participants: 25