Training and Capacity Building in Cultural Management


Project: “Training and Capacity Building in Cultural Management”

Since its inception, Nefes has relied on volunteers to facilitate its activities and projects. In this context, it developed in 2021 a program for capacity building and internal training by expanding the network of volunteers and trainees and integrating them into a purposeful and thoughtfully designed training program to meet the need for cultural work. As a result, the volunteer and internship program received applications from about 150 people.

The program focuses on attracting professional volunteers in the administrative, cultural and artistic fields, as well as trainee volunteers who need training and capacity building in financial and administrative affairs, grant management and cultural management. A series of pieces of training in each field are periodically organised by our consultants to provide basic skills and knowledge in the relevant fields.

With the launch of this program, registration to accept volunteers and trainees became permanently open for internships and capacity building. Since 2021, the programs have absorbed about 25 trained volunteers who have worked to raise their capabilities for institutional work in the cultural field. They have formed a vital element in the continuity and sustainability of the work of the Nefes Foundation.

Project activities:

  • Organizing an introduction training in cultural management
  • Organizing training in human resources
  • Organizing training in financial management in the cultural sector
  • Organizing volunteer qualification training
  • Training in the media and the use of social media
  • Computer Using training

Project Date: 2021 (ongoing)

Number of participants: 25