Spaces of Music


Project: “Spaces of Music”

Many musical projects today die before they are born due to the current circumstances of wars, epidemics, refugees and poverty in resources. At the same time, social media platforms and means of technical publishing in their various forms have today become one of the most important platforms for artistic and musical works and a feasible way to reach public and private groups at the same time, in addition to meeting hundreds of artists directly without borders despite the differences of their references and cultures.

The desire to start the project came after the pandemic that afflicted various countries of the world and prevented us from carrying out many works. Therefore, Nefes Foundation moved according to a necessary need: to work on the available capabilities to transfer knowledge and move towards a musical development that comes from meetings and joint works and creating new production conditions to present Several types and styles of music. The circumstances of the Corona epidemic came to change the conditions of travel and meeting with musical partners to play together and turned scales and ideas so that this project came to simulate the new reality and escape from the labels that subject projects to a specific musical genre or category so that the project becomes a free musical space for artistic expression in all its forms.

In 2021, the first fruits of the project were published, which are 8 musical pieces recorded and illustrated by Syrian and Turkish musicians that presented various musical styles of music, from Western music to Arabic and Turkish classical and popular music.

In 2022, the project will have a private music studio providing all art and music production services. Nefes Foundation is currently developing this project to be a space for continuous meetings between experts and artists with art and music lovers by organising periodic multi-themed concerts. In addition, the Foundation is currently seeking to hold an international music festival under the name of Musical Spaces.

Date: 2020 (ongoing)