Qanun Without Borders

Project: “Qanun Without Borders”

This project aimed to produce a music album for playing the zither (Qanun) instrument accompanied by percussion, flute, violin, piano and vocals. The final product presents the zither instrument in contrast to its traditional concept by showing the technical horizons of this instrument within five selected pieces of international classics, in addition to five pieces composed to present unique and advanced examples of classical music. Western, Turkish, Arab and Azerbaijani, in addition to creating new opportunities for Syrian, Turkish and European musicians to collaborate to create a social platform for future musical projects.

Project activities:

  • Classical Turkish music rehearsals by Syrian musicians
  • Rehearsals on all the album’s musical pieces and mastering them
  • Record and mix album
  • Giving concerts in Diyarbakir, Izmir, Gaziantep, and Istanbul

Project date: 2018 – Project duration: 6 months

Number of participants: 6 musicians