The “Hope” project aims to provide significant support for the cultural and artistic revival in Gaziantep City and its role in instilling hope in the hearts of the community members after the February 6 Earthquake, helping children and youth overcome psychological trauma and instability, and returning to normal life and artistic practice.

The grant covers the study expenses for 40 children and youth, 10 to 24 years, from August until the end of December 2023 in Nefes Music & Arts School.

Students will be accepted in the following disciplines:

  1. Theatre Art
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Drawing
  4. Music (Singing, Rhythm, Qanun, Oud, Ney, Piano, Guitar, Violin)

In addition, the project aims to enhance social harmony and cohesion by organizing weekly workshops (Musical Culture) and choir sessions. These sessions give a chance for community meetings, dialogue, and regular artistic activities to promote the impact of art on societal healing and the role of culture in public life.