Social Cohesion & Harmony Programme

Social Cohesion & Harmony Programme: 

In today’s world, there is often a lack of a sense of shared humanity, as a failure to understand other people’s viewpoints exacerbates prejudice, conflict, and inequality.

Assume our objective is not just to create a society with a culture of equality but also a more creative and participating society. In that scenario, we must go beyond ourselves and attempt to comprehend and recognise the experiences of others. We will connect societal groups that appear to differ in language, culture, and methods of communication among themselves through these various skills, experiences, and artistic patterns so that they become more aware and sympathetic to the common denominators among them and accept each other.

We believe that art strengthens bonds and culture, generates social capital and strengthens society’s cultural personality. Art brings people together in exhibitions, museums, performance venues, and theatres by telling its familiar story, inspiring collective thinking, and forming bonds that transcend differences.

By focusing on the following, art can play an important role in promoting social cohesion by bringing people together and facilitating dialogue and understanding between diverse groups:

  • Creating shared experiences: We believe in the potential of art to unite people from many origins and cultures by giving a common experience that transcends language, race, and religion. We accomplish this by organising activities and events such as art exhibitions, music festivals, and theatrical performances, among others.
  • Promoting dialogue: Art can generate discussions and promote dialogue between people who hold opposing views or ideas. This can serve to break down boundaries and create understanding among various communities.
  • Encourage empathy: Art can encourage empathy by helping individuals to look at the world through the perspective of others. Nefes aims to accomplish this through the use of art disciplines like literature, film, and visual arts that depict the experiences of people from many backgrounds.
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion: Art may highlight the richness of human experience while also challenging preconceptions and prejudices. We feel that this can contribute to a more inclusive society that values and celebrates differences.
  • Giving marginalised groups a platform: At Nefes, we think that art can give marginalised people a platform to express themselves and tell their stories. This can allow those who are frequently overlooked or excluded to have a voice.

Areas of Expertise:

Raising awareness of culture, arts, and heritage value through workshops, collaborative cultural and artistic events, communication and networking.