Research, Technical Documentation & Heritage Preservation Programme:

Research, Technical Documentation & Heritage Preservation Programme:

Nefes Foundation sponsors a treasure of Syria’s artistic heritage, which began to be collected and documented by the founder of Nefes, Mr Ibrahim Muslimani, in 2006. This heritage, which suffers today more than ever before, is under the threat of total loss, affected by the repercussions of the humanitarian disaster in Syria that has been going on since 2011. With our feeling of pride in sponsoring this Heritage, we feel the size of the responsibility to preserve and present this heritage to the public with the highest quality through ongoing investigation and research processes, as well as by providing it through various platforms using the resources of modern technology. In addition, the Foundation relies upon the curricula of its educational programs on the origins of this heritage to communicate it and consolidate its foundations, especially among the new generation.

We work in the research and technical documentation program by focusing on the following:

  • Collecting and documenting heritage artworks of all kinds, especially those that are subject to oblivion and loss.
  • Supporting specialised research in culture, arts and heritage and publishing them as an academic reference.
  • Supporting cultural production projects concerned with documentation and research in heritage and the arts.

Areas of expertise:

Scientific research – documentation, archiving and digitisation – seminars and conferences – advocacy.