Psychological support program through the arts

Psychological support program through the arts:

Nefes believes the provision of psychosocial assistance through the arts may be a strong and effective technique to help individuals deal with and cope with unpleasant emotions, experiences, and trauma. The following points summarise Nefes’ approach to using the arts to give psychosocial support:

  • Create a safe environment where people feel comfortable sharing their feelings and expressing themselves artistically.
  • Using a Variety of Art Forms: We provide the same variety of art forms, such as painting, sculpture, music, literature, and dance, to allow individuals to express themselves in natural and spontaneous ways.
  • Promote self-expression: We urge people to express themselves via art without judgement or criticism. Art can be an effective means of exploring and processing complex emotions.
  • Creating a sense of community: This is especially crucial when giving psychosocial assistance through art. At Nefes, we encourage people to share their art with others and to talk about their experiences with their peers.
  • Use Art as a Recovery Tool: Art may be a great tool for self-discovery and recovery. We encourage people to utilise their work to explore their emotions, resolve trauma, and discover inner peace.
  • Use of specialised help: While art can be a valuable instrument for delivering psychosocial support, it is critical to have access to specialised professional support when needed. We normally seek expert assistance and advice from a licenced mental health therapist in our programmes.

Areas of expertise:

Psychosocial support – Mental health awareness – Psychological recovery through art.