Art Education Programme

Art Education Programme:

The issue of knowledge and learning has occupied an essential part of Nefes Foundation’s plan since its inception, by assessing the status of the cultural action movement and its impact and role in the stability and well-being of any community, especially communities that have faced psychological trauma and isolation as well as the loss of identity. The Foundation’s team noticed a major gap, which is the lack of opportunities of this kind for young people and adolescents in general, and for children in particular, as a result of the conditions they live in, which puts them at great risk of losing their cultural identity, which will be reflected in their self-expression and their involvement in work and artistic and cultural production and development.

Therefore, the Foundation team has invested the same diverse experiences it has to build and implement a technical cultural education program, which focuses on giving equal opportunities to all in order to achieve access to artistic education and protect cultural identities in their diversity.

In the education programme, Nefes focuses on the following four points:

  1. Diversity:
  • Diversity and flexibility in references, tools, and various experiences in technical education.
  1. Leadership & Innovation:
  • Giving students the tools to develop their abilities and contemporaneously lead the development and innovation in technical fields.
  • Employ design critical thinking to enhance artistic creativity.
  • Supporting the arts’ keeping pace with modern technical and technological developments.
  1. Sharing:
  • Encouraging all age groups to learn the arts.
  • Encouraging those with knowledge and science to exchange their technical and knowledge experiences through the activities and projects of the program.
  1. Developing and raising the capabilities of cadres:
  • Building and raising the knowledge capacity of cadres in various specialisations and continuously developing their expertise.
  • Develop curricula for arts education that suit the conditions and general context of the target groups.

Areas of Expertise:

Music – Theatre – Poetry & Literary Writing – Calligraphy – Painting – Photography – Cinema.