Nefes Music School

Nefes Music School is an educational project launched in 2019, as a culmination of the artistic and cultural work and strategic vision of Nefes for Arts and Culture since its foundation in 2016, to provide music knowledge for different age groups.

The school is run and managed by the musician Ibrahim Muslimani, and the teaching staff includes a group of academic and specialized musicians.

Nefes Music School seeks to offer a unique methodology in music education based on scientific foundations and years of experience and continuous research. Moreover, the school aims to be a cultural and educational platform that offers students a space to acquire skills, work with professional musicians and experience a unique mixture of the traditional approaches of teaching music supported by techniques developed by the school staff.

The school will also provide a safe space to encourage students to express and exchange experiences through various activities and workshops, which Nefes conducts to enhance cross-cultural interaction and create new artistic scenes.

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