House of Houses

Nefes has implemented “House of Houses” project with the support of the Goethe Institute as part of Space of Culture Program in Turkey. This project aims to enrich the cultural and artistic scene in small cities rather than large cities such as Istanbul and Ankara.

During its first year, the program established creative relationships with cultural and artistic bodies in Izmir, Gaziantep and Diyarbakir seeking to enable rich experiences in the field of cultural management and provide Nefes with networking opportunities with various institutions active in the cultural field in Turkey.

As part of “House of Houses” project in the summer of 2018, 25 Syrian children, aged between 7-15, received education in choral singing, painting, and rhythm. The project was concluded with an art exhibition and musical concert. In the context of this project, the children visited the Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep to learn about local culture as well as the concept of cultural heritage.

“House of Houses” was primarily planned and implemented to create a nucleus of Syrian children to participate in an upcoming project that aims at reinforcing integration among Syrian and Turkish children through art-orientated training.