Walk with Amal

Nefes Foundation organised the launch event and the opening ceremony of the international event, The Walk (Little Amal), under the title: “When the Nights Are Dark” in Gaziantep, in cooperation with local and international partners in July 2021. This represented the refugee girl’s journey, expressed in a doll. Hope” from the Turkish border to Manchester in the United Kingdom, where the event passed through 65 cities before reaching its final stop as an expression of advocacy for refugee issues and their rights to protection and a decent life. Nefes volunteers participated in the lamp-lighting procession for Amal Road, and the orchestra and choir, including teachers and students of the Nefes School of Music, presented the opening ceremony.

Program: Social Cohesion & Harmony

Date: July 27, 2021

Location: Gaziantep Castle

Attendance: 2000

Number of participants: 50 professors, students and volunteers of Nefes Foundation