A statement from Nefes Foundation for Arts & Culture

A statement from Nefes Foundation for Arts & Culture

A month after the catastrophe of the February 6 Earthquake, the true scale of the disaster and its consequences in the south of Türkiye began to appear. Like the rest of the 11 affected areas, Gaziantep and its Turkish and Syrian inhabitants were highly affected by what happened. In this statement, Nefes Foundation for Arts & Culture would like to extend its condolences to the martyrs’ families, hope for the safety and speedy recovery of the injured, and a safe return for everyone who lost or left their home and place of work.

Parallel to the importance of directing all support and efforts to those most affected and restoring healthy conditions of life for the affected communities and cities, we, as an active cultural institution, would like to emphasise the significance of supporting institutions in recovering and continuing to provide cultural and artistic activities as an integral part of this urgent humanitarian response to assist community members in healing from trauma.

Nefes Foundation would like to send an urgent message to all its supporters and partners regarding the significance of programmes to support the recovery, sustainability, and empowerment of institutions and individuals in the affected areas so that they may resume their existing or planned work and programmes.

Following the initial official assessment, the Foundation wishes to confirm that the damage to the Foundation’s building and the school was limited. The Foundation is currently working to resume its activities and communication with partners to ensure its programmes’ continuity in 2023.