Nefes Music School: A Dream to Pursue


“House of Houses” was the seed that grew the tree that has given us the fruit of Nefes Music School. The aim of “House of Houses” project, which was carried out in the summer of 2018, was to build children’s cultural and artistic skills through introducing them to Syria’s cultural and artistic heritage. This year, those children, who were trained in choral singing and rhythm, will meet with their Turkish counterparts in a longer and more comprehensive musical experience, aimed at children and young people.

With the support of the Space of Culture Program, Nefes for Arts and Culture, for the second consecutive year, organizes classes to teach children playing Oud, Qanun, and Ney, as well as rhythm and choral singing. About 40 children, who have received training in choral singing, rhythm, and playing musical instruments, will be performing in the final ceremony.

Nefes aims to convey a picture, that children themselves have drawn, for an ideal musical school that offers spaces for intercultural dialogue and integration with one another, and finally reaching to a future of peace created through art.